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Pytstop Motorcars was established in 2017 as New York's premier production rental car company and concierge service and has evolved into your one stop shop for bespoke automotive requests. Having spent a decade in the high-end automotive world, Pytstop Motorcars has built an impressive network of clientele, vendors and affiliates. Our most recent development includes unrivaled rental car services for production teams and various TV shows and movies, as well as custom designs, repairs, and other 'fixes' required for their projects. Pytstop Motorcars had them covered from A to Z, and we are now bringing our automotive concierge service to the public. Whatever you may need in the automotive world, rest assured we're here to assist from start to finish and that our professional and passionate team is comprehensively and expeditiously addressing your needs. We take pride in our products, and customer service is our unparalleled priority. No stone will be left unturned to ensure your satisfaction.


Pytstop Motorcars is here to help with any of your automotive needs. Check out our Service Pages to see how we can help with your unique request. We can assist with any vehicle repairs, services, upgrades, customizations and more.

Automotive Concierge

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We specialize in buying and selling automobiles. Whether it be a Prius or a Koenigsegg, allow our team to help buy or sell the vehicle of your dreams. Automotive Sales is our bread and butter -- we welcome even the hardest challenges! Those hard to find niche vehicles, "unicorns" as they're often called, are our specialty -- we love looking for cars off-market and our extensive network allows us the opportunity to serve you in a professional and expedited manner. From the likes of  Mclaren Senna's, Porsche CGT's, Pagani's, and FXX Racecars ... you name it, we can source it! Looking to sell your vehicle? Fill out our Submission Form on the Contact Us page and we'll put a real buy number on your vehicle within 24 hours!

Short Term Requests

Are you looking to rent or lease one of these vehicles? Short term rental and leases are our backbone, no one knows this industry better than Pytstop Motorcars. Send us a request and we'll get it done -- from personal rentals, to production vehicles and special events, or business leases and lease returns --we'll make sure your bespoke request is responded to promptly and handled professionally.

Whether you are you looking to buy a car locally or out of state, it's always a good idea to have a professional look over the vehicle and do a thorough inspection. We know the car buying process inside and out. We offer vehicle Pre-Purchase Inspections, Car Appraisals, Traditional Insurance Related Umpire and Classic Car Related Disputes & Conflict Resolution Services, Vehicle Transport and more.


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